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Biggest sacrifices in MCU movies :(

Most heartbreaking moments that would make you cry

Here's the list of some of the most iconic moments from marvel cinematic universe, let's get right info it.

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We Are All Groot


Yondo sacrifice himself for the Starlord


Steve Rogers decides to sacrifice his "first dance" with Peggy Carter


Vision giving up his life for Scarlet Witch in Infinity War


Black Widow Wipes The Red Out Of Her Ledger


quicksilver saves hawkeye


Tony Gives Up His Hard Fought Perfect Life



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Gullies on Mars

Gullies on Mars form during the winter, made liquid by carbon dioxide frost.
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Angela Mason-Butcher: Multidisciplinary Engineer

Angela Mason-Butcher is as the Capabilities Manager for the Integration and Management Office in the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

Celebrating the Life and Career of Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson passed away Feb. 24, 2020, after living a life filled with trail-blazing achievements.

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Connie Moore and Sheva Moore: Keepers of NASA's Imagery

Connie Moore (left) and Sheva Moore are not related but they share a passion for helping the public find just the right image or film clip for projects.

Celebrating John Glenn's Historic Mission

On February 20, 1962, NASA launched one of the most important flights in American history.

Jupiter's Equator

Thick white clouds are present in this JunoCam image of Jupiter's equatorial zone.

Kenneth Harris: From Teen Intern to Engineer

In this image, Kenneth Harris II works in the clean room at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

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